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Question: How can I create my profile online?

It is very easy. You have to fill in our REGISTRATION FORM accurately. registration is five step process. By providing more information in these five pages, your chances of finding the right match would be very bright. When you click Finish Registration at the end of the fifth page, your profile in the would be final. would need sometime to screen the information provided by you. Other members can view your profile after 72 hours after the registration.

Question: Do I have to fill the entire registration form?
Of course. Searching for a perfect life partner is a serious business and the more information you provide, the more details can be gathered  by other viewers. This will certainly assist  the  potential searcher to  understand you better, know your likes and dislikes and thus help you to get the right and  most compatible match.

Question: Is there any specific DO"s and DONíT"s while creating a matrimonial profile?
Yes.  DO – provide as much as data   while creating your profile. DO provide your partner preferences as detailed as possible in the fourth page of registration  which are asked in connection with your own information. DO upload a photograph and horoscope. The more information you provide, chances of finding a perfect match would be easier.

DO NOT use your matrimonial profile to display your contact details and do not upload  any content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist.

Question: How do I change / edit my profile?
Log onto and edit your profile and then follow the following steps:
(i)  Go to  the right top of the page and click on 'My Profile' tab above the quick search/advanced search.

(ii) Now you are in your profile page. Click on the 'Edit' link corresponding to the section that you want to edit. This will bring back  the fields from that section. Make any type of changes according to your convenience and click on the 'Save' button to save your changes.

Your profile will be edited and updated and made available to all members to view within 72 hrs.

Question: Can I change all the information on my profile?
Most of the information on your profile can be changed. But you cannot change your Username, Maritial Status, Date of Birth and Gender.

Question: How do I delete my profile?
After finding out your perfect match if you want to delete your profile,   log on to and then go to  the left panel of My Profile page.  click on the  Delete Profile option.

In the Delete Profile section, click on the 'Permanently Delete your Profile'  and select an appropriate reason for deleting your profile. You will need to provide your password to complete the delete profile process. In case you have found your partner through, we will be happy if you share your success story with us.

Question: How do I get my profile back on site after I deleted it?
If you have deleted your profile, you will have to create a new one to go back on the site. You will not be able to use the same user ID and e-mail ID as that gets occupied under your status and becomes inactive after deletion.

Question: How to Start chat

1.      Login 


Go to Login on top right. You may Login by using your email ID registered with the Use the same password for opening your profile.


2  go to search


After opening your profile, you may see the search above. Select the age group of boy/girl, select the country and search and see the other profile(s).


3  select profile

After opening the other profiles, you may choose the interested one and convey your acceptance by clicking the mouse to the concerned profile(s).


4  click express interest 


Click to express your interest on the profile(s) selected by you.


5  add to favourite


Add your favourite profiles in your profile


6 select edit profile

 If you want to edit your profile, click the edit profile. You can see all the stages of data provided by you on the left side. You may choose any of them and edit the same and submit.


7 go to mymatches  ->online Friends then chat

You may go to the selected/shortlisted matches. Click the same, if they are on line you could chat with them directly.